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If you are a transit passenger with accompanied luggage and you do not want to clear Customs, you are allowed to deposit your accompanied items in the Customs Bond pending your departure. The criteria listed below should be followed closely:

  • A passenger has an air ticket to the third country available;
  • The deposit duration is not more than 2 months;
  • The deposited items are not prohibited/restricted goods; and
  • There is no suspect of Customs offences, smuggling, or prohibition/restriction violation.

When the items are deposited at the Customs Bond at the Airport, Customs officers will issue a Deposit Form (Form 466) with two duplicates. The original copy is given to the passengers. The first duplicate is affixed to the deposited items while the second one is affixed to the Deposit Form Counterfoil. 

A daily fee at the following rates is charged for goods deposited in the Customs Bond:

If the gross weight per package
(a)  not exceeding 20 kgs.               40   Baht/package/day
(b) exceeding 20 kgs. but not exceeding 40 kgs.             80   Baht/package/day
(c)   exceeding 40 kgs.                      150   Baht/package/day

Fractions of one day are rounded as one day.   


For further inquiry and information, you may contact the Customs Call Center at Tel. 1164 or the Customs Clinic at Tel. 02-667-7880-4, Fax. 02-667-7885, e-mail:  Additional information may also be obtained from Customs ports of entry/exit.  Please consult our telephone directory for a Customs office near you.  The listing can be found under the “CONTACT US” section.
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