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National Single Window
             The  National  Single  Window  (NSW)  is  the  policy  of  Thailand  for reducing  cost,  increasing  competitiveness  and  supporting  international  trade as  integration. Thailand  is  a  member  of  ASEAN  and  has  made  Agreement to Establish  and Implement the ASEAN Single Window by the ASEAN Economic Ministers, cosigned the mentioned agreement on 9 December 2005 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the National Trade Facilitation. In order that, six countries member of ASEAN such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand established NSW within 2008.

             The NSW is an electronic system that enables secured, safe and efficient electronic  exchange  of  trade - related  documents  through  a  single  point  of  entry in order to fulfill all import, export and transit-related regulatory requirements and to expedite the smooth flow of information of goods either for import, export or transit. In addition, it is a single submission of data and information, synchronous processing of data and information and decision - making  for standardized  and  integrated environment of Customs release and cargo clearance.
e - Licensing

             In the importation and exportation process, some,  not  all,  of  the  goods  requiring  permit,  and  the  relevant  permit issuing  agencies, should  be  contacted  prior  to  the  importation. Currently, the traders must require the allowance of importation and exportation under the act over 90 issues from more 30 government agencies. Some government agencies have not had the paperless system, moreover the traders waste time and expenses for making, filling and sending of the import and export documents.  

             Therefore, the  Customs  Department
 has  developed  the  connection of  information to the relevant government agencies for audit of the allowance licenses and  certificates  of import and export by electronic system  which  has  called  the e – Customs  system  or  Paperless  Customs. It  has  controlled  the  importation and exportation by connection with the e – Licensing / e – Certificate  system  that  will continue  to develop to National Single Window (NSW). It  is  service for the trade facilitation, reducing cost, faster trade document processing, efficient management of importers  and exporters, including increase international standardize and the traders make to require for applying to the system via the internet.

             Recently, the Customs Department has cosigned the MOU of Agreement of Connection for the allowance license and certificate with 16 government agencies;  Department  of  Industrial  Works,  Department  of  Foreign  Trade, Department of Mineral Fuels, Department of Energy Business, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, The Thai Board of Investment (BOI), Department of Land Transport,  Department  of  Fisheries,  Department  of  Livestock  Development, Department of  Agriculture, The  Excise  Department,  Department  of  Primary Industries  and  Mines,  Department  of  National  Parks,  Wildlife  and  Plant Conservation,
The  Office  of  the  Cane  and  Sugar  Board,  Food  and  Drug Administration and National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards

             Furthermore, the Customs Department will finish to cosign the mentioned MOU  with  another  16  government  agencies;  Department  of  Internal  Trade, Department of  Provincial  Administration,  Department  of  Mineral  Resources,  Ministry  of Natural  Resources  and  Environment,  The  Fine  Arts  Department,  National Telecommunication Commission  of  Thailand,  Office  of  Atoms  for  Peace, Department of Foreign Trade, AOT Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited, Office  of  National  Museums  and  Electrical  and  Electronics  Institute within 2010.



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