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Computer techniques are increasingly used by Thai Customs to support a wide range of Customs operations.  “E-Customs” was implemented on 1 January 2007, comprising of e-Import, e-Export, e-Manifest, e-Payment, and e-Warehouse. It provides business operators such as exporters, importers, Customs brokers and shipping companies with a paperless environment and a one stop service.

The “e-Customs” system is the comprehensive system developed by Thai Customs to facilitate and process all commercial goods imported into Thailand. It is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated and integrated business-oriented systems.  The e-Customs system significantly cuts costs, and reduces paperwork requirements for both Customs and relevant trading community .


First time users who want to connect to the e-Customs system are required to register with Customs at the Registration and Customs Privileges Sub-Division, Customs Procedures and Valuation Standard Bureau or the General Administration Division at every Customs offices/houses.  In addition, the eligible users must be business operators who, according to Customs, are referred to as :

  • A person processing Customs formalities (importers and exporters);
  • A Customs broker;
  • A person responsible for cargo loading;
  • Representatives of those who provide inbound/outbound vehicle report;
  • A Customs bank; or
  • A Service counter.

Digital certificate

A digital certificate is an electronic signature of either an individual and/or related entity. The digital certificate exists as a software file and is housed within web-browsers. It creates a unique identifier that can be checked by the receiver of information to provide evidence of the sender's identity and confirm that the document (if signed) has not been altered or interfered with.
Generally, the digital certificate contains two separate certificate parts (each with public and private keys): one for signing (authenticating) and another for encrypting/decrypting electronic messages.
The digital certificate is required by any person who intends to communicate with the e-Customs system.


To connect the e-Customs system and for ease of use the system, business operators should first decide on the method to communicate with Customs. Thai Customs provides 2 options of communication channels:

  • Direct Communication : The business operators who intend to communicate with Thai Customs with their own digital certificates are required to make the following arrangements:
    • Installation of software, digital certificate and selection of service provider , The business operators must ensure that their digital certificates are correctly installed prior to using the e-Customs system;
    • Registration with Thai Customs at the offices mentioned above;
    • Test the accuracy and readiness of message exchange with the Customs system; and
    • Once the test is completed, the Communication and Information Technology Bureau will issue registration IDs to the business operators for the future online communication with the e-Customs system.
  • Indirect Communication: The business operators who do not want to directly communicate with Thai Customs by themselves are allowed to use the service provided by either a Customs broker or a service counter.

In case where the business operators decide to connect to the e-Customs system using a broker service, they may sign their own digital certificates or authorize the broker to sign the digital certificate on their behalf.
In case where a service counter is an option for the business operators, such business operators are required to provide document of a goods declaration and an invoice to the service counter. The service counter then keys-in relevant information and submits the standard message of information to the e-Customs system.  

How to join e - Customs

  • Register to use paperless Customs at the Customs Head quaters or any Customs offices/Customs-houses (no cost).
  • Register with any agency who issues Certificate Authority for obtaining digital signature (500 Bath/year) in case of self-submitting data to the Customs system.


For further inquiry and information, you may contact the Customs Call Center at Tel. 1164 or the Customs Clinic at Tel. 02-667-7880-4, Fax. 02-667-7885, e-mail:  Additional information may also be obtained from Customs ports of entry/exit.  Please consult our telephone directory for a Customs office near you.  The listing can be found under the “CONTACT US” section.
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